Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Another life left in disarray by Pete Doherty (although we suspect that there's much more to it than his involvement), as the girl who sort-of ran off with him after the Carlisle gig (that's the first one, not the second teenager who got on the bus) has been kicked out of college. The Daily Star has it as being kicked out of "Fame school" - apparently Cumbria Institute of the Arts; who knew? Natasha Ellis isn't happy:

But when she tried to resume her studies for a national diploma in performing arts her tutor Gwyn Hunt told her to leave. Last night Natasha’s dream of acting lay in tatters. She said: "My tutor told me I was unreliable and immature. She said I couldn’t continue and suggested I tried another college.

"I couldn’t believe it. I haven’t done anything wrong. You’d think a performing arts college would want its students to meet rock stars. You could say I was just doing my homework. I can’t believe they can treat me this way."

Well, it's an inventive enough excuse - although we're not sure that's the sort of homework that would help you get the third chorus role in a provincial touring production of Cats - but somehow we doubt that Doherty was more than a final straw; or possibly a convenient excuse:

College vice-principal Peter Nixon insisted the decision to axe Natasha from the course had "nothing at all to do with the Pete Doherty business’’.

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