Friday, October 14, 2005


Tatu weren't going to just sit there and let Charlotte Church rip the piss out of them. So they've decided to have a pop at Chazza. Julia - who was never a lesbian, and never pretended to be a lesbian, oh no - tried this:

"No one has heard of her in my country - yet where she lives, everyone knows who we are. She must be very careful with her big mouth because bad things happen to people."

Uh... that probably says more about the Russian media than Charlotte, actually, Julia. Your riposte is "We're more famous in Wales than Charlotte is in Russia", which when you put it like that doesn't really sound very clever. Added to which, of course, if you're measuring value in fame, Charlotte played private gigs for the American President and the Pope, and Tatu came second in the Eurovision Song Contest. Round one, we think, to Charlotte.


Chelsea's Mama said...

Woah, sounds like someone practices some black magic voodoo crap.
Those T.A.T.U chicks are not lesbians. Due to the fact they have no talent they had to come up with some gimmick..."ooh let's dress up like schoolgirls and pretend to like each other - dirty old men and young kids who like to drink will love us......puhlease....
I am not a fan Of Charlotte either but, at least she can sing.

Anonymous said...

Actually they came third in Eurovision

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