Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Unfortunately, there's not a person left alive who thinks that Marilyn Manson is anything more than a slightly less amusing version of Krusty The Clown, otherwise we could suggest that his announcement today makes it difficult for anyone to believe he's a god of headfuck. Like Krusty, Mazza has decided to licence his name to any old crap - so from 2006 you can buy Marilyn Manson perfume.

Just as Mazza's music is very, very thinned-down goth, we expect the perfume to smell ever-so-faintly of patchoulli.

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Cie Cheesemeister said...

I'm a little afraid of what this perfume could smell like. Sweaty armpits? Or maybe like this aromatherapy fragrance I saw at the Wild Oats market--and I joke you not:
Funeral Home!
Yeeessss...You can be bet I'll be alternating days wearing Essence of Funeral Home with Marilyn Manson's Eau De Sweat Sock or whatever.
What's next--Scent of Eddie? (Iron Maiden's mascot.) I picture that one smelling something like the aftereffects of last week's pub crawl mixed with an ever so delicate sprinkling of grave mold. Nasty, no doubt, but since I'd rather give my money to Eddie than to Marilyn Manson, Britney Spears, or whoever thought up that Eau De Funeral Home, I might buy it and sprinkle it on my doorstep to drive off stray cats!

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