Monday, October 10, 2005


The troubled tale of Britney Spears' bra and its Ebay flogging has taken another twist, with Spears pulling the bra from the charity auction. Apparently, Britney's afraid people might buy the bra thinking that it's something it's not.

Last week, the bra had been pulled by Ebay, under its rule forbidding the sale of used underwear - a clause designed to stop people rubbing kippers on knickers and selling them to single men. Perhaps because Britney tends to wear her bras as outerwear, the item was relisted; now Britney's taken the bra away again, as she worries people might think she wore it during her HBO special.

The sudden insistence that things should not be sold in a misleading fashion makes us wonder if she's going to stop the attempts to push Kevin Federline on us under the guise of a rapper.

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