Thursday, November 24, 2005


With the frightening nugget buried deep in the story that Paris Hilton's sidekick Nicole Richie is planning to release a record sometime soon, her dad Lionel (who played the clay head which came to life in the Hello video back in the 1980s) has insisted that far from being some screw-up with a chronic eating disorder, Nicole's just "stressed":

“I know what's happening with her right now, she's a nervous wreck,” Richie told “Access Hollywood.” “She's like her father, you can either blow up or you can shrink away.”

Lionel, man, open your eyes - nobody's that stressed. Gary Glitter, sitting in his Vietnamese cell and wondering if he left those magazines out, even he's not that stressed. Pete Doherty's dealer, waiting to see if his entire financial predictions for 2006 are in tatters, he's not that stressed. If stress led to that much weightloss, inner-city social services departments would be able to boost their recuritment rates by renaming themselves FatFighters.


Anonymous said...

So, not the first time that Paris Hilton's Sidekick is causing grief to all and sundry.
The truth is out though: Nicole Richie is a plastic doll that you can "blow up". When her 15 minutes of fame run out, she can go to work for Anne Summers...

Anonymous said...

If Nicole is planning to release a record, then I think she just needs to stop and remember something for a second.
You are adopted, and thus, have not inherited any of your fathers genes. Therefor, you are just an ordinary person who more than likely, simply cannot sing.

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