Thursday, November 03, 2005


Right-wing nutters the National Legal and Policy Center (of course, they might not be right-wing nutters at all, but their high profile cases do seem to go after Democrats nearly exclusively; they seem proud that Rush Limburgh supports them and they use the phrase "the liberal media", which is enough for us to tick that particular box) have launched an almost inpenetrably complex attack on Puff Daddy for supporting Kerry in public ("for possible electoral fraud"). It's not claiming he voted under all his various names, but rather that Comb's political organisation Citizen Change shared an address with Comb's business.

Yes, we know that doesn't mean anything. But don't tell NLPC that that isn't evidence of wrongdoing right there:

The Complaint notes that Citizen Change is at the same address as Combs’ businesses, raising the possibility that corporate funds were illegally used in support of Citizen Change’s activities. The Complaint also points to the campaign’s emphasis on fashion, style and conspicuous consumption, and asks the FEC to investigate whether the real purpose of the Vote or Die! campaign was to advance a commercial activity, namely Combs’ line of clothing and/or his clothing company.

So... in future, don't wear your best shoes when you campaign, then. The NLPC would have loved Michael Foot. Except for the politics, of course.