Saturday, November 05, 2005


The slightly shabby hucksterism of Mariah carey's label in waiting until demand starts to slow for her Emancipation of Mimi album before magically re-releasing it with a few extra tracks they just found lying about isn't really disguised by calling it the "Ultra Platinum Edition". Antonio Reid does, more or less, admit that it's about flogging the same album to the same schmucks who've already bought it:

"We came up with a couple of songs that I wanted to put out," says Antonio "LA" Reid, chairman of Carey's label, Island Def Jam. "My idea was to continue to create demand for the music."

We suggest that if you bought the first version of the album, you should return it for an upgrade to the new one, since you were sold an incomplete version. Go on, just try it.


Anonymous said...

LA Reid's now the chairman of Def Jam? How did that happen? Wasn't he appointed to head Arista only recently?

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Since February this year:

Apparently he was encouraged to leave Arista because of his "free spending ways."

acb said...

So the R&B Pete Waterman who gave us Bobby Brown and such now runs Def Jam, whose biggest artist is Mariah Carey, an artist whose grasp of hip-hop begins and ends at crass conspicuous consumption. Interesting world we live in.

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