Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Although we tend to disagree with everything Yoko Ono says or does, we have to admit to some sympathy with her when she complains about NBC airing an interview with Mark Chapman 25 years to the day after he made a saint of Lennon. Of course, her spokesperson goes and overstates the case:

The timing of this is macabre, Ono's spokesman, Elliot Mintz, told Monday's New York Daily News. She thinks it's outrageous.

Mintz said Mark David Chapman already had been interviewed by numerous journalists including Barbara Walters and Larry King so there was nothing new to learn from him.

NBC granted an assassin's wish, Mintz said. It sends out a message to other disturbed people that killing is a way to fame.

Well, yes. But then, of course, so does all the news coverage, and coverage of the trial and ongoing reportage. And Ono might not like it, but part of keeping alive the memory of Lennon's murder by its very nature has to mean she's also helping stoke the flames of Chapman's fame as well.