Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Of course there was a logical explanation as to what Gary Glitter was doing with all those teenage and preteen girls in his Vietnamese house - he was educating them. Glitter claims that, far from having sex with the girls (something which could lead to his execution), he was actually teaching them English:

"When they met me, they all told me that they were older than 20," the official Thanh Nien newspaper quoted the 61-year-old rocker, whose real name is Paul Francis Gadd, as saying.

Glitter, who said he came to the southern resort town of Vung Tau looking for tourism investment opportunities, said he was helping girls with their English, the paper said.

Like everyone else, Glitter is entitled to be treated as innocent until proven guilty again, but this is straining it a bit - although maybe a man who thought we'd not guess it was a wig isn't very good on the judgement calls. And who's to say that Glitter isn't taking on a role as Mr. Chips in his later years?