Friday, November 25, 2005


How the Sun reports the This Is Fake DIY interview with McFly this morning:

McFLY star Danny Jones says all he wants for Christmas is sex.

According to, the heartthrob said that while everyone else is digging into turkey and all the trimmings, he can't wait to get down and dirty in the bedroom.

What they actually said:

What's the one thing you'd each like to open on Christmas Day this year?
Danny: [no hesitation] A fit girl's legs.
Harry: Danny! There are three women in the room none of whom you've met before, you can't say that!
Danny: Don't start!
Harry: What would you like to open at Christmas? [in blokey voice] 'Girls legs'... 'uh, and a can of beer'... fucking hell.

Mind you, Harry McFly thinks that the Pink album is the most embarrassing thing in his record collection, which means he can't have his own album yet.