Monday, November 14, 2005


You'd have to admire Madonna - after all this time, she's still pushing the boundaries. It's just that where she once pushed what showbiz sexuality meant and looked like, now she's just pushing at the boundaries to see how limpingly pathetic she can be before someone will actually tell her. Her latest gambit? Oh, she loves to say 'fuck'.

Yes, Madonna. So do most six year-old kids these days. They do it, though, because they're aware its powerful, don't know any better and are trying to get a reaction they can't manage in any more erudite way. Actually, scrub the "though" from that sentence:

"It just feels so good to scream it out loud, sometimes positively, sometimes negatively. And I just love how it irritates everyone."

You don't have to say "fuck" to irritate people, Madonna. Since about 1998, every single bloody word you've uttered has had that effect.

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