Monday, November 07, 2005


A couple of weeks back, you'll probably recall a small spat between Jon Bon Jovi and Madonna. Jon pointed out how Madonna was happy to drag her kids around - he suggested she took them to film premieres, but was clearly suggesting that she was happy to trot them out whenever there was a business advantage. (We've not forgotten the kids book launch, for example.)

However, Madonna's publicist was outraged on Madonna's behalf:

Liz Rosenberg says: "Madonna has never brought her children to a film premiere. I'm delighted to hear what an authority Mr Bon Jovi is on Madonna's talents as a mother."

Odd, then... who is this turning up at last night's Harry Potter premiere?

Image hosted by

Why, yes, it's Madonna not bringing Lourdes to a film premiere. Presumably that's an animatronic child she's got there?

No, it couldn't possibly be Lourdes, could it? Because with a parent as strict as Madonna, it'd be unlikely she'd be taking a nine year-old kid to see a movie with a 12 rating, would she?