Tuesday, November 22, 2005


While we can imagine it raising money, we're not sure quite what it says about her memory that the Justice For Kirsty campaign is setting about arranging a re-recording of Fairytale of New York with Shane McGowan and, erm, Kate Moss.

Kate, of course, will be able to play the part of a lush caught in a destructive relationship with a whacked-out substance abuser. Talking of whom, apparently Pete Doherty has flown out to do rehab at the same "clinic" as Kate in a bid to show how much he loves publicity ("loves her").

Since Doherty has been offered and flunked fairly intense rehab before - running away from the monks, for example - we're not entirely convinced this is more than a hollow gesture. Especially since this clinic's approach to rehab seems to be helping you draft your "I made mistakes; I have beaten my demons" statement while waiting for the press to lose interest. And Pete more or less had to be carried onto the plane to fly out there. Still, you never know, do you?