Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Not quite understanding what the word means, Cheryl Tweedy announces she's proud to be chav:

"I'm proud to be a chav, if by chav you mean working class made good.

"I'm proud I grew up on a council estate and made good of myself."

Oh good lord, she sounds like David Davis.

"I get letters from young girls who say they are inspired by me.

"I'm glad I'm encouraging them."

Oddly enough, as I'm writing this I'm listening to a piece about the current national panic, the boogerman of binge drinking which feels oddly coincidental.

It's interesting to see that Cheryl is following in the footsteps of Julie Burchill, taking a break from trotting down to Coutts to use the cashpoint to proclaim how proud they are of being a chav. Chav is such a simple concept, you have to be wonderfully short-minded to not be able to understand that it is, by its very nature, an insult and saying "If by this you mean that, I'm proud to be a chav" is on a par with saying "if by ugly you mean 'unique looking', then I'm proud to be ugly..."