Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Not so long ago Anastacia - product of a TV talent show - railed against how bad TV talent shows were. Now, Girls Aloud - gifted to the planet through the curious voting pulses of a Saturday night ITV audience - have had a pop at the X Factor, on the grounds that everyone on in it is rubbish:

According to OK! magazine Nicola Roberts said: "I don't think the talent is that good this time round.

"Seriously, if that's what Britain has got then we're dying on our arses!"

Can anyone suggest why Nicola might want to think twice before saying something like this?


Flum said...

Surely the most important thing here isn't what Nicola said, but the fact that she's actually been allowed to say something.

Anonymous said...

"Can anyone suggest why Nicola might want to think twice before saying something like this?"

Please sir, is it because she's shit?

Paomranteur said...

I dont care I'm shallow and she's Hot! :D

Anonymous said...

Maybe shes jealous and scared of losing manager Louis' affections and attention to Chenai!

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