Thursday, December 29, 2005


Noel Gallagher, a man of the world, has looked around and decided that he doesn't like British people who go abroad:

"OK, the British like to travel, but they don't have to carry a Union Jack with them. I'm embarrassed when I see Brits in Australia, they act so... English. They have their tops off, wear flip-flops and shout at the tops of their voices."

Yeah, they go to bars, drink too much, get into fights and... hang about, isn't that what the Gallaghers tend to do? (Munich and Barcelona spring to mind, for example).

And as for moaning about British people carrying the Union Jack with them... on the left, if we're not mistaken, is the limited edition Noel Gallagher Official Guitar based on the one painted by Noel a few years back. What would that design be again?

After having had a go at people for behaving like Oasis, Noel then complains about Liam wearing shorts ons... hang on...