Saturday, December 31, 2005


More from the RIAA, and its attempts to create a Last Days of Rome vibe in the US. According to a deposition filed in Michigan, a couple who had been targeted by the RIAA are seeking redress for unreasonable and vexatious litigation. The sworn deposition claims that the RIAA lawyers instructed a fifteen year old girl to commit perjury in order to make one of their cases stick:

Q. What other areas do you feel that Mr. Krichbaum put words in your mouth?

A. I don't remember any specifically. Just trying to get me to say that Angie and Jim or I had ripped the music off.


Q. It wasn't true. And you felt that Mr. Krichbaum was trying to get you to say something that wasn't true?

A. Yes.

Q. And did he get you to say something that wasn't true?

A. From the statement I read, yes.

Ms. Granado went on to testify that Mr. Krichbaum had urged her to provide false and inaccurate testimony with regard to the entire portion of her original testimony implicating the Nelsons.

Q. Did he tell you why he needed you to stick with your original false story?

A. Because he said he didn't have a case unless I did.

No wonder the RIAA has concentrated its efforts on dead people and kids - so much easier to make them bend to your will, of course. At least when Jonathan Aitken forced teenage girls to lie in court, he kept it in the family.