Thursday, December 08, 2005


As if Hear'Say singer turned classical musician turned astronomer turned TV presenter Mylenne Klass' life couldn't get any worse, she's now being targetted by members of the Upper Sixth in the street. To make things worse, she's meant to be leading an anti-bullying campaign, and now she's a target for bullies herself. Although it was hardly A Clockwork Orange:

Klass, who presents ITV show CD:UK, was confronted by a group of three girls and two boys in a Bermondsey newsagent.

After dropping a bag of chips on her head they pushed her to the ground. She ran away after one of the youths said: "Shall I bitch slap her?"

Probably the worst thing was that they didn't seem to recognise her. Otherwise we might have to face up to a crowd of marauding bullies targetting Heat-featured celebs - and then nobodies wouldn't be safe.

[Thanks to Zeinab Malik for the pointer]