Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Noel Gallagher, who knows a bandwagon when he sees one, has heard people describe George Best as "the fifth Beatle" and decided that (despite him being a United player and, as such, the anti-Christ to Gallagher's beloved City) Best could have been, you know, like a member of Oasis:

“Georgie transcended football. He was called the fifth Beatle and he looked cool as fuck.

“He owned a nightclub and a clothes shop, drove a Ferrari and he shagged Miss World.”

Asked whether George was cool enough to be in Oasis, Noel replied: “The only thing he didn’t do in his life that was cool was play music, and he probably would have been good at that, too.”

Yes... because he once poured champagne in a giant pyramid of glasses, he'd almost certainly have made an excellent bassist, wouldn't he?

Of course, Best would have been a perfect fit for the band - an early smattering of Genius spun out into a career of declining quality (we reckon the next Oasis album is their 'playing for AFC Bournemouth' point), kept going on goodwill alone and more famous for his sex life and fighting than for what it was he was supposedly good at.