Friday, December 30, 2005


Elton's wedding certificate - click for a larger imageWell, we always knew that Elton John was a musician, and it's mildly amusing that it turns out he chose the middle name of Hercules (with his hair problems, we'd have thought Samson would have been the more apt mythological reference point), but the most fascinating thing about Elton and David's wedding certificate is that it finally reveals what David Furnish is actually for - he's a "film-maker", apparently. And you thought his only role in public life was a Elton's husband.

IMDB lists two films we've never heard of from 1999, and two in production - one due next year, one in 2008. He's not exactly prolific, is he? Amazon has no record of Desert Flower, but does have copies of one, Women Talking Dirty, for sale: