Saturday, December 24, 2005


As Spike once observed "there's always consequences" - funnily enough, he was talking about resurrections, as well. The small pile of credit card slips that have piled up as a result of the Take That reunion has generated a certain amount of chin-scratching amongst Bands That Were A Bit Similar But Not As Good, who also want some of that reunion action.

We guess the East 17 comeback was inevitable, but even Toby Mortimer (Tony? Trevor?) knows that they wouldn't be able to fill a paddling pool alone. So it is next year we'll have a joint tour featuring All Saints and East 17.

An "insider" sings:

?Tony has been stubborn about a comeback in the past and Shaznay was left with a very bitter taste in her mouth after an acrimonious split from All Saints.

?But time is a great healer and they have all matured, started families and grown up since they were first in the limelight.

?They have all agreed that the time is right to cash in after watching Take That storm the album charts and sell out their stadium tour.?

Well, at least they're being honest that it's for the money and not some attempt to take the artistic statement further forward.