Wednesday, December 07, 2005


It's hard to shed any tears at all - any at all - for poor Kevin Lyman. Lyman is the man who makes shoes under the Warped name and who attempts to make them seem cool by sponsoring corporate-punk gigs and tours, and he's cross unconfirmed bands are telling other corporate sponsors they'll be playing the Warped 2006 tour:

Basically we've become aware of several bands that have not been booked on the 2006 Warped Tour who are soliciting sponsorship money from companies by claiming that they're playing on next year's tour," Lyman said. "We're already aware of a couple of bands that have been telling companies they're playing Warped, and we're finding out about more every day. And when we do, those bands are banned from not just next year's tour, but all future editions of Warped. We don't tolerate fraud.

Hey... sticking it to big business by lying at them? Maybe those overly polite pretend punks aren't so bad after all....