Thursday, December 29, 2005


With the Fixx about to release a "greatest hits" collection next month, there's a challenge for journalists asked to knock together a story to go with the announcement. All we really remember about them is they made an appearance in a short-lived kid's puzzle magazine edited by Gyles Brandereth - there was a photo of them at one end of one of those mazes you sometimes get filling space, and you had to find the route to whatever they would have been hoping to get together with. The page was headlined "The Fixx Get In A Fix"; we never did the maze puzzle. But despite such a lack of highspots, the Associated Press have made a game job of trying to pull something out the hat, and we bring you it in its entirety:

One of the iconic images of the 1980s is Cy Curnin's jacket opening and closing in The Fixx's "One Thing Leads to Another" video.
He blames that on a lack of space. He says he was in a tunnel in a church hall and he had no space to move his arms, so he just moved his shoulders.

That's what made the jacket open and close. He says the video was supposed to portray "the linear motion of life." He says he doesn't have that suit any more, although he has one like it in a different material. The Fixx will release a two-C-D collection of their hits on January 24th.

Yes, that's "pop star has similar jacket to one he wore in a largely forgotten pop video". More details at 11.