Saturday, December 31, 2005


Ah, the chimes of midnight marking the start of New Year's Eve and the lifting of the embargo on the New Years Honours list - although both the Daily Mirror and the Evening Standard seemed to be happy to jump the official publication of the gongs today. Clearly times are so hard at the Trinity Mirror group the closest they can offer to groundbreaking journalism these days is that Bruce Forsyth has been given a CBE - a "scoop" they get by reading a list of names they've been sent.

Amongst the other names listing people who'll be sidling up to the Queen (if they're lucky) or making do with one of the Princes are Tom Jones, who gets a knighthood.

Roger Daltrey has been given a CBE; Pete Waterman - who is listed as a "Doctor" has picked up an OBE for services to, we don't know, late-night television or something. Irritatingly, the official Number 10 briefing for these handouts don't describe them as being part of the entertainment industry, but instead of as "the cultural economy." Johnny Dankworth also gets a knighthood, to add to his status as being the first musician to have his work aired on Radio One.

Hilariously, Vivienne Westwood has been made a Dame (not that that will stop her pretending to be such a challenge to polite society) and, more fittingly, Jonathan Ive, designer of much of Apple's recent product line has been given what we fully expect headline writers everywhere to describe as the iOBE.


Anonymous said...

Along with Roger Daltrey's honour, Johnnie Walker has been given an MBE. Scarcely an honours list in recent years has gone by without someone or other who initially made it due to offshore radio being honoured, a sign of NuLab's obsession with stating endlessly, through undeniably clever use of symbolism, how different it is from the party that passed the Marine Offences Act (even though most of us could tell that ten years ago). Because many people of the "Blair generation" were alienated by that act when youthful supporters of Wilson's "white heat of technology", and the act arguably started the chain of events which led to Thatcherism (and hence NuLab), you can understand their desire to apologise for it in all kinds of ways. Strange that nobody in the media seems to make that point.

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