Sunday, December 04, 2005


Our ten most visited stories in the last seven days:
1. Did the NME fix its Top 50?...
2. ...Londonist withdraws the allegations
3. Labels lobby the EU to be allowed access to your private details
4. The Others website replaced by crack paranoia symptoms
5. Has Michael Jackson converted to Islam?
6. Sony BMG's malware removal tool had security flaws
7. Jonathan Ross wishes he'd made a fuss about Live8 bill
8. Avril Lavigne attacks Britney Spears' clothes
9. What The Pop Papers Say - Bob Stanley talks girl bands, and NME arbitrates on cool
10. Alex Turner's ex girlfriends tempted back by Arctic Monkeys

The whole week on one page

And this week, we plugged:

Rufus Wainwright bundles Want One and Want Two into a single set

NME brand-extending paid-for indie disco 2005 soundtrack

Fancy Radiohead doing anything as commercial as a Christmas market DVD release, eh?

Ominously includes "Karaoke" tracks

If you like their sort of thing, this is the sort of thing you'll like

The hardest working songs in showbusiness get a DVD-style release

It's like Junior Choice in a box. Ed Stewpot Stewart not included.