Monday, December 05, 2005


We're just taking it on faith that Ilana is a singer as well as a model - we've never heard of her, and we doubt anyone else has, either - but we couldn't let the posting of the world's most clunking PR stunt in recorded history pass without bringing your attention to it. Some company that does internet shopping is launching its new store with a convoluted press release claiming that this Ilana has been threatened by "extortionists" who are going to post a sex tape featuring her online.

“Ilana had made a few comments that she wanted iCorp to make known so people would know her side,” Hytken said. She stated that, "They asked me to model the lingerie line so they could get their creative juices working. Apparently their creative juices weren’t the only things working." Ilana went on to say that, “The new line of clothing is very cool.” She continued by saying, “Sex is a very natural act and I am not ashamed at what I did. So I thought, what’s the harm? I just wished that I had known that I was being taped for the whole world to see."

That doesn't sound too scripted, does it?


Anonymous said...

So, If I understand this correctly, poor old Ilana got conned into a pr0n threesome with a pair of leading business figures, thinking that she was modelling for an online catalogue? I assume that it wasn't the Damart catalogue. Or the Argos one.
Still at least we know why industry is in the state that it is- rather than evolving safe and prudent business models and developing new products, our captains of industry are busy spitroasting dimwits. I trust the CBI are looking long and hard at this one. Er...

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

If I have nightmares about Digby Jones and a corset tonight, I'm suing you

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