Friday, January 13, 2006


(If you have it to hand, you might want to play the theme from Neighbours here.)

Paul McCartney and Fatboy Slim live near each other in Brighton, and in a sweet moment of neighbourly advice,
Macca helped Norman out with fatherly advice when he and Zoe went through their awkward bit a few years back.

And how did Norman say "thank you"? He tried to kill McCartney's dog.

Well, not quite:

“The worst problem with having Paul as a neighbour is that we put our old food out on the beach for the foxes and he has a vegetarian dog.

“I had a birthday barbecue last year and threw all the old meat out — and his dog went and finished the lot. I felt really bad.”

Hmmm. It actually sounds like the dog isn't as vegetarian as Paul thinks; we bet it chooses the duck in Chinese restaurants and justifies it as "it's less a bird, much closer to fish."

Anyway, the dog's system wasn't used to the meat, and it threw the lot up. He did make a full recovery.

Norman, just between ourselves... you need to get a huge anvil, and suspend it from a cliff, and some bait...