Wednesday, February 08, 2006


4th February:

"DOES anyone actually want to go to the Brits this year?

It's the biggest night on the showbiz calendar but cantankerous celebs are falling over themselves to diss it."

8th February:

YOU can't buy a ticket for love nor money but don't despair, you could still be at the biggest event in the UK's music calendar.[...]

the lucky winners will get to meet Lee Ryan and see the world's most exciting stars."

Clearly, the 3AM Girls don't read their own column.


Anonymous said...

A cynic would say that you think the 3am girls are a bit shit.

Anonymous said...

A cynic would say they've been asked to distribute unwanted tickets in order that the cameras can pan to a part of the audience that isn't blasted out of their tiny minds on the free champers while trying to text their mates about the after-Brits party (the one that the 3am girls are not invited to).

Or maybe (just maybe) they're trying to generate some hype to justify their rehashed-from-yesteryear post-Brits spread with pics of celebs doing what they do best (getting wasted, falling over and abusing photographers).

Now that would be cynical.

Can we have a sweepstake on expected headlines/taglines?

What about:
"A Brit Special"
"A Right Brit Of Themselves"
"Brit-TEN out of TEN"

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