Tuesday, February 07, 2006


In a bid to keep the media interest bubbling ("bid to protect her good name"), Dannii Minogue is supposedly talking to solicitors after the News of the World pictures of her apparently groping a stripper appeared on Sunday:

A spokesperson said: "It was a harmless girls' night out. They were having a great laugh, but only that."

We're not sure what the implication is here - that having lesbian fun is in someway harmfull? Or that lesbians and bisexuals don't have a laugh? We could see some sort of case being built around the implication that this was a news report which could harm Minogue's standing in the eyes of the average person, but it's hard to see how anyone would stand up in court with a straight face and say "The interpretation of my client's groping of a go-go dancer in a strip joint essayed by the News of the World has ruined my client's reputation. How dare the paper imply she was in any way serious about batting about the stripper's breasts..."

Of course, when Dannii was interviewed by Simon Kelner for GQ and made her comments about arabic street signs, something seized on by the BNP, she did let it be known she was considering legal action then. Nothing appears to have made it as far as court, though.