Thursday, February 16, 2006


The good people at the Audit Bureau of Circulations have finished totting up, and there's a huge surprise in the music magazines sector: the NME has done well, with a nearly 10% increase in circulation year-on-year; more shockingly, Kerrang has reversed what had appeared to be a terminal decline putting on 23.2% - and that brings it back to threaten the NME's position as the world's (i.e. the UK's) largest-selling rock weekly: just 627 copies separate them now. One mid-air collision could wipe out the NME's entire advantage in the market, in other words. IPC are rumoured to be about to issue a panicky injunction banning its subscribers from travelling together on the same aeroplane.

The current top ten sales, with increase/decrease since last year in brackets:

Q 168,547 (5.1%)
Mojo 120,530 (5.2%)
Uncut 110,052 (0.0%)
The Fly 108,097 (0.5%)
New Musical Express 76,792 (4.3%)
Kerrang! 76,165 (18%)
Classic Rock 50,027 (12.8%)
Metal Hammer 44,047 (9.5%)
Mixmag 42,234 (-9.1%)
Rock Sound 23,027 (3.2%)