Thursday, February 09, 2006


Look, it's not us that's obsessed with the sexuality of the second-string of pop performer: it's you. And them.

Anyway, the singer who launched a thousand Google searches ending in "gay?", KT Tunstall, thinks she knows why so many people seem convinced she's gay.

Is it because she lives with a woman called Yvette and runs the Dykes on Bikes club for all of Scotland?


Is it because she, you know, looks a little like one?


Is it because they confuse her with Alex Parks?

She doesn't think so.

No, the reason why KT thinks so many people assume she's gay is her braces:

KT believes she unintentionally sent out mixed messages about her sexuality when she wore a pair of rainbow-patterned braces - a gay symbol - on her record cover.

She says she only realised the implications when a friend in the US sent her a text saying: "The girls in San Francisco are loving your braces."

Those braces have helped build her an enormous lesbian following - that's lots of lesbians, not one giant lesbian - which has given her a problem: how to keep the girls onboard without actually pretending to be a lesbian. KT has her way:

"I was on stage in Dublin when I heard a girl in the crowd shout: 'KT, you're a lesbian!' What the hell do you say to that? I didn't want to upset the lesbians but I didn't want to make out I was one.

"I said: 'You can't say that!' Then I realised that none of the other 1,500 people there had heard her. So I said: 'That girl just called me a lesbian.'

"At the end of the gig, a roadie handed me a note from the woman. It said: 'KT, I was saying 'legend'."

Hmmm. Thinking she's gay is understandable. What sort of delusion would have to live under to believe she was a legend?


Anonymous said...

"Then I realised that none of the other 1,500 people there had heard her."

So, somebody in the crowd shouted to her and she was the only one who heard it. And she heard it incorrectly? I'm surprised she didn't also hear people shouting something more relevant like "Flock off", "Your ship" and "Please top".

Anonymous said...

Legend of the dog faced woman...

Anonymous said...

What sort of dimbo buys records purely on their perecption of what the artist's sexuality is?

I'm still chuckling at the image of KT being pursued by a giant lesbian though. There's probably a movie in that- kind of like Duel, but with a huge lesbian instead of a lorry.

Anonymous said...

Not Duel but maybe a T-shirt with a logo promising/threatening to "Do You All". And as for one giant lesbian, only one comes to mind. Follow this link to hear her in all her Valkyric (?) glory:

You can never have enough Osymyso!

Anonymous said...

call me a cynical old fart, but I find it exceedingly hard to accept that no one involved in the cover of her album and the associated press packs that went out (etc) were aware that rainbow colours were a gay symbol.

I'm more inclined, given the way that the music industry works, that someone thought '...hmmm.. good pink pound possiblities with this girl...'

Perhaps KT wasn't aware, but she must have been just about the only one!

Anonymous said...

I found this blog cos i just bought her cd on my lunch break got back to work, and typed in KT TUNSTALL lesbian...
in the hope that she was a goddam lesbian, cos she's pretty hot...

suanne said...

I typed in "KT Tunstall gay" on Google because I bought the album and listened to it. All she sings about is loving women and not being able to love as she wants. Just listen to it. I didn't even notice the braces--it was the music that made me KNOW. Cuz she's got to be. It's in the music--plus the music is AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

i totally agree, suanne - listen to number 11 on the album if you're in any doubt. the lines "come over here lady, let me wipe your tears away, come a little nearer baby..." pretty much convince me!!

Anonymous said...

If she says she's not a lesbian then she's not. Yeah it was pretty niave of her to wear freaking gay rainbow braces, and I think that's a bit fishy but hey not everyone is in the gay know. I wouldn't be surprised though if it was intentional to build up a gay following, its worked for many an artist before, and its difficult for female songwriters to become mainstream. Yeah I agree that the lyrics on the album do sound like they are about women, but who knows just her and her lover I guess. If she was gay then she's had ample opportunity to come out, as everyone already thinks she's a dyke anyway.

Anonymous said...

The "gay braces" are more than likely a publicity thing. I recently saw her and her sense of humor seems to be a little "in the gutter" at times. Maybe she heard that people were wondering and decided to run with it. If she wore them before she heard about it, possibly she didn't know or did it as a publicity thing.

As for the lyrics, she lives with a girl, so this girl is obviously a close friend. Keep in mind that I am a guy and have lived with other guys for periods of time and I am NOT gay. However the first song I ever wrote was about my best friend (a guy) trying to convince him that love would come with time. That's part of the beauty of her music is the intimacy. She has poured her heart out, and what do people do? Assume she's a lesbian!

She's got a boyfriend, folks! Of course, I guess any popular artist has to have all of these wild rumors come out or it wouldn't truly be show business.

Anonymous said...

As a lesbian, all I have to say is, more than likely, she's not gay. Now-a-days, it's not so much an attack on her being gay, as a wish. A wish from all the lesbians and every guy who has seen her because she's gorgeous. Like yall said before, she's had ample time to come out if she were gay...and her following would only grow. Why would she deny it?

Anonymous said...

Yeah i typed in "kt tunstall lesbian" too, obvously this page is only going to reach people who think she is one. Anyway, I had my suspicions but she is definitely a bit of a tomboy, if not a carpet licker. Yes.

Anonymous said...

KT isn't gay, so evry1 shood just leev her alone

Anonymous said...

her lyrics totally give it away!! it says:

"shes a bueatifull girl"
"she makes me feel like i cood be a tower"

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Hmm...actually, anonymous last-but-one, you know thinking someone might be gay when they're quite happy to ride the middle ground so long as it doesn't harm sales isn't attacking someone - so there's nothing to "leev" alone...

Anonymous said...

Man, I'm a lesbian and the moment I heard her lyrics I was like 'what a homo'.
We lesbians and our secret magical powers know these things -taps nose-

She would be wise to not come out anyway because generally being a gay woman is not the best way to global stardom hahahaha.
Unless of course you are a Russian teenaged girl in a short skirt, but that's another story.

Anonymous said...

DEFINITELY A LES. other lesbian was right. we just know man. it's magic.

Anonymous said... a some other lesbians have already said...we have a way of knowing. Her lyrics seem pretty damn obvious to me..but the thing we all need to remember is that its not the easiest thing to come out...especially to the whole world! So maybe she is maybe she isn't...Kind of hope she is though cause she's pretty damn hot

Anonymous said...

I think she's a lesbian because the song that is forced upon us by American powers that be - "Black Horse and Cherry Tree" or whatever it is - the gals woofing the, "Whoo, hoos" in the background sound like dykes. Like carnival workers for Austin Powers, they scare me!

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Most recent anonymous:

The backing singers sound like Dykes?

Like this?

Anonymous said...

Why did I think KT was a lesbian. None of the above reasons. No I thought she was a lesbian because of the lyrics:
"She's a beautiful girl" followed by "Suddenly I see this is what I want to be"
And I just wondered. It seems I was not the only one...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm lesbian too and I was thinking...
First time I heard the song "Suddenly I See" I was very curious. Not curious to think if she was, because it will be one more in the world, but if she was telling the world...And I honor that, 'cuz I'm afraid to do it. Ok, It's difficult, let just remember how many in the world... I'm brasilian, here we have Ana Carolina, Cássia Eller, Zélia Duncan... And they do make sucess...
That's it...

~Amy~ said...

I am also a lesbian and a musician. and whether i am a lesbian or not, it is not really anybody's business. and i don't see why KT's sexuality should be of anyones concern either. besides, there are probably many many different parts of her perswonality apart from her sexuality that are much more interesting/appealing. she is a fabulous artist with a great, unique singing voice, and that is what the public eye should be concerned about.....
I also had the patience to look up the meaning of the symbol "rainbow", and it isn't exactly the symbol of gay and lesbian pride, however, the symbol is often seen in pride marches and so on.
but this symbol generally represents a "diverse assortment or collection" in which an individual may have their own opinion about the message. in my opinion, this means a diverse collection of people of all genders, races, religions, sexualities, ages, personalities, backgrounds, etc.

And if KT Tunstall is gay, well good luck to her, i hope it makes her happy. As for all other straights, gays and lesbians of the world.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Interesting Amy - if you don't think it's anyone else's business that you're gay, then why were your first five words "I am also a lesbian".

And the rainbow symbol is *exactly* the symbol of gay pride; it has other uses, and a very long tradition of being the symbol of other things. Not all rainbows are gay, but all gay pride flags are rainbow, if you like. It was widely adopted as pride symbol after the murder of Harvey Milk and its use within the queer community is less about "ooh, isn't variety kind of lovely" and more about a firm and clear symbol of visibility.

It might be that KT wears her rainbow braces because she thought they were pretty; it could be a smart marketing person thought they would help sell some humdrum music to the Indigo Girls demographic. It could be that's she as gay as a golfball typewriter.

But if her sexual life isn't meant to be in the public domain, how come she records love songs in the first person?

Anonymous said...

I don't think it matters whether she's a lesbian or not but people are entitled to be curious. I mean, girls have got to know if they stand a chance with KT. Also, the fact that she has a BOYFRIEND doesn't really count for much. How many gay men and women are there who got married or got into a serious relationship because they weren't sure about their own sexuality? Many. She is gorgeous though and on a personal note, I think that if she's not a lesbian she definately leans that way. My reason for thinking this? - the following quote from KT was published in Q Music magazine. "Kissing girls is fun".

Anonymous said...

well, that settles it. haha. Yeah, i don't know what kt looks like, what all this rainbow crap is about, or anything my friend just told me about her and how it's cool that she plays all her music by herself. But when I heard "Suddenly I See" i thought "yeah, definitely gay." I love that song though.

Anonymous said...

I got here the same way everyone else did...But I'm just curious who she's talking about in "Suddenly I See"...The song sounds like it was inspired by someone--a celebrity--and a woman musician probably. Has she said who's the idol? Someone popular enough to be in magazines...who's tall...It's dumb, I know.

Anonymous said...

I'd just like to point out, that love between women isn't necesarrily that of a homosexual nature. In the 1800's you had "bosom buddies" because they slept with you in your own bed and you talked to each other. Also, has anyone considered that she could quite possibly be taking the stance from a male point of view? Any writer has to be able to see things from another perspective. Sometimes if you write you say those things to yourself, to help you understand how the other person is feeling. However it still wouldn't surprise me if she's a lesbian. And to the above poster, I also wondered if it was a celebrity.

Llady Llama said...

Yeah, I was listening to some of her songs earlier tonight, and she does talk quite intimately about women... I'll have to look at her lyrics more closely, though, as it is entirely possible that the lyrics are simply about close friends.

Anonymous said...

Haha. This site is great!
I also secretly wish she was a lesbian but whatever floats her boat, huh.
What I was going to say was has any body seen the film clip for 'suddenly I see' because there are two of her and that could explain the reference to females. I think one could interpret that song as being about herself. Abstract but very possible considering the ckuo,

Anonymous said...

has anyone read the lyrics to 'heal over'? they seem pretty lady-luvvin to me.

Anonymous said...

Maybe she isn't Gay, Maybe in the songs she wrote, "suddenly i see" she was just trying to get gay's, Bi's and Straights to get there confidence up, Kindov a "Im not ok your not ok but thats ok" way (Trying to raise self absteam) if you get me, Maybe she was just trying to help others in the song, And she was actully talking about herself in that song, it was interview the guy asked her if she was gay and she said "Theres lots of people out there who think and say that, but actully Sadly im not, Im straight and have a boyfriend, In many of my song i was singing about myself and others, And many have asked me why i wore the rainbow braces, It was simply that i like the colour's in it and they didnt have anything eles"

Anonymous said...

I heard the song and my gaydar went much so that i actually did what most ppl did and googled "kt tunstall lesbian". but whatever love the suddenly i see song!

Anonymous said...

Maybe she's bi! aint nothing wrong with that! she's a hottie though. Love her music. very gay. very good.

Anonymous said...

her song "suddenly i see" isn't about her being a lesbian. Its about how she got her inspiration to become a singer. SHe's talking about patti smith, but even if she is gay, do people actually buy an album just because she thinks that way?? I mean i wouldn't but people can do what they want i guess.

Anonymous said...

It's her voice and singing style. Pure Indigo Etheridge Girl. I like her music, I've never seen her CD cover. But she sounds and acts in the video like a lez. Is she in denial? Regarding the concert story about thinking someone called her a lez, "she who smelled it dealt it."

Anonymous said...

My favorite comment was from February 2006 from a chick who said, 'I'm a lesbian & the first time I heard KT I was like, what a homo!" It's always nice to see that there are more lesbians that have a sense of humor about themselves & others who might or might not be like them.

For lesbians like me, I think the excitement about KT being gay comes from that sense of hope that someone who's as successfull & beautiful as KT could be a dyke.

Take Jenny McCarthy, for example. Here's a smart, successfull, funny, talented actor/comedian/goofball (official title), who reportedly went down on Jenna Jameson in 2006. If you believe Jameson's clear account on Howard Stern (a man rarely given credit by liberals for his helpful insights & integrity), there were two specific interludes involving the "couple". Whether McCarthy is a bi or lesbianic is irrelevant. The point is if you believe Jameson's account, there were definitely sparks, & definitely action. Whether McCarthy considers herself straight, bi, or lesbian, is beside the point. If she admits in public she's a lesbian or whatever, that cuts into her stock as an actor. She can't just say "Yes, I got married had a baby, divorced & now I'm admitting I'm a lesbian. Continue to watch my movies & buy my humorous books." Instead, she denied it up & down to Howard in the studio. And now she galavants off with her new beau, Jim Carrey. Even in this day & age of so called acceptance by a great number of sexual diversity, famous people usually don't come out completely because they're trying to protect their standing in hetero world.

So whether KT is gay, or just someone who's in tune with & has compassion for gays & lesbians, is beside the point. My vote is yes. She's a dyke. And if people like KT & Jenny McCarthy are lesbians & do come out, it inspires the average lesbian like me to continue to feel good about who you are & your place in a world that still holds prejudice for you. So, come out KT! Your halfway there anyway. And if I'm wrong, that's OK to. I'll still be listeining.

Whether or not you come out, you can still come over and jam. I'd love to learn from you. Nothing can change how your music touches me. That's the power of smart rock. KT Rocks!

Anonymous said...

Uhh, there is something wrong with this picture guys...AL OF KT'S ALBUM COVERS ARE IN BLACK AND WHITE!!!

Anonymous said...

man, you people pisses me off!
kt is not gay, and about the crap why she is writing about girls in her songs.. KT once said that she was writing about herself, and that she was looking at herself as if she was an outstander..
pffff.. and about the rainbow symbol.. it ISNT a symbol for gay persons.. do your homework man! the reason i know, i hold a gay-club, and believe me, I KNOW..

Anonymous said...

actually i thought the song 'suddenly i see' was about idolising someone. and looooads of women artists sing about women anyways, so.

lol i love that she thought the woman was saying 'lesbian' instead of 'legend'. how embarrassed would you be, really.

Anonymous said...

Looking at herself as though she was a bystander or an outsider, right, but, er : how do you interpret the song 'i want you back'? a very, very close friend? I know the word 'love' is often used for 'like' and that, well, perhaps you can't sleep without a friend... but...

lyrics sample:

Oh baby give me one more chance
To show you that I love you
Won’t you please send me Back in your heart
Oh darlin’ I was blind to let you go
But now since I see you in his arms
I want you back ooh ooh yeah yeah
Trying to live without your love
Is one long sleepless night
Let me show you girl that I know wrong from right
Every street you walk on
it has tear stains on the ground
Following the girl I didn’t even want around
Oh darlin’ I was blind to let you go
But now since I see you in his arms
I want you back ooh ooh yeah yeah
I want you back
all I want all I need
Oh darlin’ give me one more chance
to show you that Ilove you
But now since I see you in his arms
I want you back

Anonymous said...

does it really matter what sexuality she is? and it might be coincidence that KT's songs have "Her", "She" and things like that, im not a lesbian and i write like that, i write from the perspective of the guy, just coz its easier to write :/
as long as she continues to write awesome songs, im happy.

p.s, it took H from steps like, 6 or 7 years or something to "Come Out", if you think about it, its pretty scary announcing to the world that sort of thing.......

Anonymous said...

i too thought that she was gay because of the lyrics to song #1 & 11 & LOVED the idea of her being gay. but when i found out she wasn't i wasn't dissapointed because i still love her music and her. she is a great singer & song writer & i can't WAIT to buy her future albums.

Anonymous said...


"Suddenly I See" is about a girlcrush. She admires a girl, has some sort of strong feelings for this girl, but she doesn't necessarily want to date this woman.

She's said she likes to kiss girls but wouldn't date a girl.

Sure, she'd be hot as a lesbian, but she's not.

Anonymous said...

it is so nice that i typed in google 'kt tunstall lesbian' and this site came up first. i did it because i had a feeling... without fully understanding the lyrics. kd tunstall hehehe

Anonymous said...

Actually it has been said the song, "Suddenly I see" was written about Patti Smyth, a singer/songwriter/performer, whom she admired and wanted to be like growing up.

Enough said.

Anonymous said...

I totally thought K.T. was a lesbian but not for any of the reasons above. Her sone Heal Over gave me the impression she was gay.

Mark and Lindsay said...

Has ANYONE seen her in a picture with a man?? Is there any press that talks about her on a date, hangin with guys, In some way actually associating with anyone but women? Maybe she's being honest, and just hasn't got the knack for relating to men, but damn, her songs are Lez-soaked!!

BTW, the vid of Suddenly sucks. It could be so profound to have a kid and a mom, or young woman with elderly, seeing herself in the future. Instead, it's just gay.

Anonymous said...

Just because she talks about a woman in "Heal Over" doesnt mean that she is gay... also she is dating Luke, her drummer, so there's nothing else to say...

She isnt gay, she has said it before.. so why is so hard to believe it? why dont you give her a break?

Unknown said...

why dont i believe it? her voice, her lyrix, her choice of covers and not changing pronouns, her taste in clothes. but mainly cuz when i saw janis ian on saturday night live in 1975 in her little white 3-piece suit, i said DYKE! and i was so glad cuz i was 16 and i had just come out.. poor kid. she didnt even know it herself until 25 years after i did. then took a few more years to come out to us. like dykes didnt know. why do i want queer artists to come out? not cuz i wanna fuck em. aint got a chance anyway and got plenty of tail. cuz i need heroes. i probably coulda skipped ten years of hard drugs if all the queers in sho biz were allowed by their handlers to tell the truth. comin out saves lives. use the limelight for something other than a money magnet. it inspires us to see ourselves reflected in real talent and success.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I could have swore the song "suddenly I see" was about how she was attracted to another girl and thus how she suddenly realized she was gay. I have to admit I don't own the album but I have seen her perform the song several times on TV and heard it on the radio several more times. Maybe I was hearing the words wrong?

Anonymous said...

Tons of people have said they weren't gay when in fact they were/are. Men get married and have kids and then realize 10 or 20 years later that they are gay. So, KT having a so called relationship with a man means nothing. Anyone can get someone of the opposite sex to say they are the b/f or g/f. Plus, people who are "gay" often date people of the opposite sex simply because they have doubts or want it to appear they are str8 or they are friends or are curious or whatever. I say KT is 100% lesbian.

Anonymous said...

I'm a lesbian myself and I think KT is a lesbian. There's something in her mannerisms, the way she moves on stage, that sets off my gaydar. Of course I could be wrong, but I'd be surprised if I was.

I reckon she'll come out in a few years time, once she's reached the peak of her success and doesn't need to attract new fans...

How many out lesbian female singers are there in the music business? I don't blame her for keeping quiet.

She could come out now though and we'd still love her for it ;-)

Anonymous said...

Well I have just come to terms with my being a lesbian and her music does seem to send the wrong impression if she's not. Maybe she's in denial or maybe she's just uncomfortable with everyone knowing her sexuality 'cuz it's looked down upon by a lot of ppl well at least where I live. But maybe I'm just wishing that she was 'cuz if she was she'd be a great role model for all the young lesbians out there who are afraid to come out of the closet. Plus she's hott:)

Claire said...

she soooo is gay! and its bloody fantastic. her song 'suddenly i see' is my anthem and my 'coming out song'. it helped me deal alot with my own sexuality and i still am with my own 'beautiful girl'. i love her or not gay! Claire x

Anonymous said...

Thing is, if she is gay and she's trying to hide it, why would she write about songs that refer to 'her' and 'she', cos it seems quite blatant. Why would she write such lyrics and then deny that she's a lesbian? So based on this logic, I'm of the opinion that she is purely singing about admiration for her friends. Which is cool, makes a change from people singing about loving their gf/bfs all the time.

Unknown said...

Apparently we all thought she might be a lesbian. I never actually thought anything of her lyrics or any of that- though as a lesbian I did relate to her songs. What got me to thinking she's gay is her new video "hold on" and the way she acts - whether in music videos or in interviews- she just has that vibe. I'm sure whether she's gay or not she's open to it. I've never heard her say anythign negative towards homosexuals. There are TONS of people however that don't even realize they're gay until much later in life.
Anywho- if you haven't already- check out her new video "hold on". It's great.

Bingham said...

With hindsight I'm not surprised that the "KT drinks from the hairy cup" interest goes back so far. I was alerted by her cover of the Jackson 5's I want you back on the Dermot O'Leary show sessions compilation in which she is conspicuously (again!) singing about a lady. I would suggest that a hetero girl who can't understand where the lesbian issue has come from AND who has been told about signposts towards dykedom like rainbow braces etc, yet continues to aim her lyrics in the way she does is either a) a bit daft or b) a lezza

Anonymous said...

I think "Black Horse and Cherry Tree" is either about losing your virginity to a black guy, or losing your virginity to a horse.

Very similar experiences, by the way.

Dementeskate said...

Leave KT Alone!!

Anonymous said...

Everyone, stop bein so judgemental! She is not a lesbian. Some of u said she was cuz of her looks, thats stupid, she can't help what she looks like. The braces, so what! Thats just like sayin that if a guy wears purple he is gay. Btw, the song I Want You Back is a cover of Jackson 5's song and she wuz just stayin tru to the lyrics.

Anonymous said...

anon: it's not just the braces, it's all the other stuff--you did read the original post and the ensuing comments, yes?

In case you're wondering what the big deal is, some would be happy to know that she's gay or bi, because of the increased visibility and moral support it lends the LGBT community. Some are just curious because it'd be another bit of interesting celebrity trivia, like the fact that one of Bowie's eyes is a bit wonky.

Unless I've misinterpreted, and your main concern is that people might judge her gay or bi because you feel there's something bad about that.

Anonymous said...

I just found this, so I may be repeating some folks.
I looked up KT because I was just listening to one of her songs on the radion and realized she was singing about a woman. At first I thought she was envying the woman, then I wasn't sure. So I googled.

And no, she's not the only one who would have been naive about the meaning of the rainbow. The first time I saw rainbow paraphenalia, I just thought they were pretty colors - then a girlfriend explained it to me. lol And I'm a grown woman, not a kid. I even worked for an alternative newspaper that was very gay-friendly, but I just didn't know.

Someone mentioned her "backup gals" on Black Horse and the Cherry Tree. She doesn't have any. It's all her signing. She loops all the sounds. she is or is she ain't?
And do we really care? She's an awesome songwriter/singer!

Anonymous said...

You know, I just read the lyrics to "Suddenly I See" and I'm wondering why everything thinks she's gay because of that song.
The song is obviously about ENVY!
Suddenly she sees she wants to BE that girl. Nowhere in the lyrics does it say she loves her or she wants to be her lover.
She's saying she wants to be that girl with so much power over the world.

Yeesh, folks!

Anonymous said...

At this point I'm almost kind of hoping for her sake that she's not gay or bi; it'd suck then to have all these homophobic fans shrieking their "defense".

Anonymous said...

When I first bought the album it wasn't the pictures of her that made me think she could be a lesbian, it was the lyrics. But now I am completely sure that she's not. I read about her boyfriend of four years and although that doesn't prove that much as some gays do get married and have famillies and everything before they come out, if they ever do, she just doesn't seem it.
Although the lyrics of 'Suddenly I See' are about a woman, she could be singing about herself as a double of her appears in her video. I was watching it with my sister who has a great sense of humour that often involves insulting people and she said when she saw it 'Oh my God how up herself is she' jokingly of course. Since then though I've considered 'Suddenly I See' to be a song about her even though it talks about her being tall and Kt Tunstall is 5 foot 2. 'Suddenly I see, this is what I wanna be' maybe she wants to be tall?? After all there are lyrics that talk about being small and little in her second album too.
As for Heal Over, she might be writing songs about herself as though she were someone else, singing to herself, comforting herself. Music is a very personal thing, and song writing styles vary and are unique. I've written songs about myself as though I was someone watching myself before. It helps me think about what other people are seeing, and helps me to convey how I'm feeling to other people too.
So therefore, I don't believe Kt is a lesbian and even if she was, what would it matter??
Btw I came across this blog while searching for Kt Tunstall lyrics as I'd long ago forgotten the idea that she was a lesbian.

Anonymous said...

So therefore, I don't believe Kt is a lesbian and even if she was, what would it matter??

It matters because it's amusing watching fans scramble to explain why they're sure she isn't, as though it would be the worst thing ever if she was.

Anonymous said...

I'm not trying to explain how I'm sure she's not a lesbian
I'm simply contributing to a discussion and stating my opinion that I don't think she is.
But if she was that would be fine as well
I just like her music

Anonymous said...

Fair enough anon. Though for what it's worth, the analysis of her lyrics and such might be kind of pointless posted elsewhere than on a Tunstall-oriented forum...personally, I've not heard a single song of hers and I'm sure other regulars are in a similar boat.

Anonymous said...

Seriously? I can't believe that you are all going on about this. I attend gay parades, go to drag shows, hang out with lesbians which happens to be close friends of mine amongst my non gay friends, and I am a straight woman. Are you all so wrapped up in the celebrity gossip that you can't just not have anything to say even if she were gay? In other words are you that bored? I stumbled upon this site looking for imports, and as soon as I saw the title I knew very well that this would be the most dedicated site to talking shit about some star because they aren't like you. And her songs aren't all about woman dumb ass. What about Tori? Is she a lesbo? No she has a husband and a child. What about Sarah MacLauchlan? NOPE! They all sing about woman. But you all take it out of context to have something to talk about. And if she licks tooch? Who cares? What business is it of yours? "Eyetie said: she was the only one that heard it." obviously you didn’t read carefully. KT heard wrong. So everyone else heard legend and she heard Lesbian. yeah...You are all imbeciles

Anonymous said...

Anonymous - "as soon as I saw the title I knew very well that this would be the most dedicated site to talking shit about some star because they aren't like you" naturally I was forced to read it all and then spend some time adding a long comment of my own even though I despise people who have nothing better to do than write comments on pages like this
*disappears up own conundrum*

Anonymous said...

Heh...and Duckie gets the cookie.

Anons--for some time now, the only way this thread gets added to is when some dopey yet well-meaning twit like yourselves comes charging in with either:

--the ridiculously disingenuous charge that we're horrible to yap about celebrities; you're entitled to your opinion, but do you really think you're going to change anyone's mind by going to places like this blog that are set up in part for mocking them? I find the more extreme tabloidy shows and mags obnoxious myself, but I ignore and avoid them.

--the soft (and possibly internalised) homophobia that it shouldn't maaaatter what Tunstall's orientation is, which is complete bollocks. To a lot of us queers, it does matter. Your tried-and-true kneejerk bigot's screeching of "some of my best friends are..." and "I go to pride parades too!" is just par for the course.

To paraphrase Simon's original post, it's she herself who has made her orientation such a big deal. It's just hilarious as well to sit back and watch all the idiot anons come in and shriek at the nonexistent strawmen who supposedly are trying to do something awful by 'revealing' her.

I only know two things about Tunstall: 1) She's some musician chick who was amusing on Buzzcocks and sets off some folks' gaydars and 2) she has a lot of stupid fans, the poor thing.

Laura Brown said...

To a lot of us queers, it does matter.


Anonymous said...

*sits Laura down for some Modern Sociology 101*

"Coming out"--which is what it's called when an LGBT publicly admits their orientation--is generally viewed within the LGBT community as a Good Thing(tm).

You see, the more "out" gay people there are, the more difficult it is for society to marginalize LGBT people as freaks or social deviants. Conversely, when someone seems or appears to be "in the closet", this sends the message out that there is something shameful about being LGBT.

While opinions vary greatly as to when/how outings of others should be done, if at all, speculation of celebrities' orientations is commonplace for many in the LGBT community. When you've heard your whole life that there's something wrong with you, it can be tremendously validating to be able to point to someone well-known and say, in essence, "_they're_ gay". If they happen to already be fan of that person's work, that's like a bonus (though as Karl points out above, it'd be silly to buy records _purely_ on one's perception of the artist's orientation).

It's not dissimilar to people of colour desiring and calling for more representation in various mediums, except that ('gaydar' aside), one's orientation is generally not as obvious.

Regarding Tunstall--no idea if she's gay or not, and don't care that greatly as I've no knowledge of her beyond the aforementioned Buzzcocks appearance. What's of interest to me in this is people misreading Simon's post and many of the ensuing comments as malevolent attempts to out Tunstall, to the point of going overboard with 'defending' her.

"Why should it matter if she's gay?" Indeed. That sword cuts both ways.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

so... after marrying Luke, does anybody still thinks she is gay??
weeehee, i won:D

Anonymous said...

How did you "win"? I don't see any competition here.

Tunstall could be bi, an option a lot of people seem to forget about. Regardless, it's silly to freak out because you're afraid she might be the "wrong" orientation.

Anonymous said...

Yes. You win. Because there's never been a documented case of a gay person in the entertainment industry marrying a person they work closely with in order to quieten down rumours about their sexuality, has there?

Anonymous said...

Rachel,of course there's no competition, i have said i won cause i've never believed in this conspiracy theory, and her getting married- for me it's proof i was right;} I dont think she would be selfish enough to fake marrying cooworker just to quiet down rumours.
if she was gay she would admit it, casue despite of being awesome musician she seems to be really cool,honest and down to earth girl.

Anonymous said...

Ummm... Someone said the "homophobic" fans couldn't stand for her to be gay? It seems more like the gay fans are the ones grasping at straws here: "Her lyrics 'sound' so gay.." "She's just afraid to come out..." "She doesn't realize yet she's gay..." So, apart from her confession, her actions, her marriage, there's no "proof" she's not gay, so she is? Please.

And with the likes of Ellen DeGeneris, Melissa Etheredge, The Indigo Girls, Elton John, David Bowie (and the list goes on), it is clear that there is no stigma regarding homosexuality, especially among the people who will naturally find her music interesting.

One of the great joys of art is its ability to be interpreted a lot of ways. If you want to project your lesbian tendencies and beliefs on her music, that is your personal perogative. But, in the final analysis, until she says she's gay, she isn't. Plain and simple.

Unknown said...

Listening to "Suddenly I See," it's pretty clear that she yearns for woman in some way. A beautiful girl and her map is found in her face? I mean, unless she has a pretty solid reason for finding that "this is what she wants to be," then it is clear that she wants women in some way.

Which is fine. That's cool.

But she even asks herself "why it means so much to me." Duh, you like women. Is she even still curious at this point? YOU LIKE WOMEN. She needs to deal with it and move on. Maybe her music will get a little better.

Melanie said...

I actually thought she was lesbian or bisexual based off the lyrics, let me repeat, off the LYRICS of some of her songs. I've liked her music since I first heard it years ago. It was only yesterday that I saw a picture of her in rainbow braces and thought "sweet, so she is gay".

OH well. I really thought she was gay, but if she says she isn't then whatever, although I am disappointed that she isn't gay.

KARL - A lesbian who likes KT's music might buy her music in support. Similar to how a lot of blacks initially were set on voting for Obama to support one of their own before even knowing that he was a good candidate for president. KT is a cool woman, she would have been a great gay role model had she actually been gay - so I would have wanted her to succeed especially because it's harder for homosexuals - they need that extra support.

Anonymous said...

I thought she was a lesbian because her son "Suddenly I See" sounds like she's talking about a women in that kind of way and that she's beginning to understand herself, but I guess I don't understand the song.

Anuvver Bloke said...

Saw KT at Brighton last night and her music rocks!

Anonymous said...

what a bunch of assholes all over this site.

Leadfoot said...

KT is extremely talented and I hope her fame, as well as success continues to grow. I think shes sexy as hell.

Anonymous said...

Okay, this is really simple. I had her music, and her lyrics, and didn't even see the picture if her in rainbow braces/suspenders. The lyrics are ALL about her and another woman. I wasn't hoping hoping she was, it was just pretty obvious by her choice of topics and all. The fact that she suddenly turned around and denied it all and so strongly, made me think that someone on the label or her family lost their shit and told her to deny it all.

Anonymous said...

Okay, so here is what I think: all of those songs like "suddenly I see", and the rest are most obviously about a woman. You can't deny that. Not even she can deny that. And it's all songs about discovering yourself and who and "what" you are. I didn't see the cover of the disc, I heard the songs and looked up the lyrics. As someone who came out when that album was brand new, I defy anyone to explain those sings in any other way. I was saddened when she vehemently denied that she was gay. I spent 37 years trying to be straight, and not being conscious of my true orientation, and those songs were like a beacon in the night, guiding me. I could quote all the lyrics and point out where they are obviously indicating a relationship with another woman, but someone will just scream me down and act like her being called a lesbian is some sort of insult. So, when she's ready to come out in public, she will. Until that time just respect her privacy. It's pretty obvious that her marriage to a guy got old really fast, and didn't last, and whether it is her who got nervous about being out, or her record label, or her family who got upset, it doesn't matter. Her songs were a source of inspiration and articulated so well the thoughts and feelings of gay women. It took me 37 years to come out. I lost a lot of happiness in the meantime. I hope she just doesn't take as long, and realizes there is no shame in it.

Anonymous said...

If she REALLY isn't gay (uh, huh, sure) someone should tell Pandora...they are playing KT Tunstall on the lesbian station.

Anonymous said...

She's gay and when she's ready she will come out. It's so obvious if you listen to the record. Such a shame though that she can't own up to it in public.

On a sidenote: Pandora has a lesbian station!? Omg, sweet!



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