Friday, February 17, 2006


Well, we never thought that Madonna would really start to become like a true Londoner, but her tiresome moaning over having to pay the congestion charge is a sign that she is starting to go native after all.

Thing is, of course, as she owns several squillions worth of property in the Congestion charging zone, she wouldn't have to pay, but she's too grand to put her phone number on a form:

“I’m so fucked off about it. I have gotta pay because I won’t give my number.

“It’s ridiculous. Why would I give everyone my number?”

Erm... because you're not special? Because then you wouldn't have to pay the charge?

Okay, you decide to withhold your number. So you pay the charge. Your choice.

Or... and here's a crazy thought... why not put on one of the dozens of office numbers you have, Einstein? Like your publicist's number, or perhpas just buy a pay and go phone and use that number.


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