Thursday, February 16, 2006


We've not for a long time seen such an oddly written opening paragraph on a story as the curious kick-off for Ananova's report on Madonna's trip to the Brits:

Madonna had pretty infallible evidence at the Brits that her marriage isn't over.

In itself, not odd. But the rest of the article it's leading doesn't seem quite so sure about the evidence:

Snapped at their table, Madonna fixed a smile on her face - but Guy refused to flash even one little pearly white.

Guy went to kiss her when she won her trophy but she appeared to turn the other cheek.

And in her acceptance speech, she thanked everyone except Guy - even Stuart Price, the British producer to whom she's been linked.

Okay, it's hardly like she took the microphone and said "I divorce thee, I divorce thee, I divorce thee", but if that's taken as infallible evidence on the part of the Ananova gossip team, we wonder where they found them? Did they previously work for the West Midlands Serious Crime Squad?