Thursday, February 09, 2006


Further to our early-morning Grammy round-up, we've gone on a quick bounce around the web to see what other people made of it all.

Popbytes blogged live, and thought everything was just brilliant: U2 is up! who doesn't love of the best bands ever! […] oh, david bowie - we love you! a lifetime achievement award is totally deserved […]our dear mariah carey - god bless her! i lover her 'emancipation of mimi' album - what a voice! you go girl and your perfect pitch! she is very on tonight and sounding great! her boobs are totally under control! her hair is awfully long - that must be extensions don't you think? Indeed, even The Scientologists get a fairly warm write-up: jenna elfman and her scientologist ways - i just don't trust those people! i'm sure they are nice - but it is all so very strange to me...

Stereogum attempted a multi-layered live blogging and commenting: Okay so Madonna just popped up from the ground next to the animated Gorillaz characters. I'm utterly confused. I really don't think that this is worth watching any further. I can't seem to allow myself to turn this shit off though. It's the whole... "watching a horrible accident" effect.
The sight of Madonna dragging out her purple leotard again and dancing about with Gorillaz might have done little for music lovers, but, oh, what did it do for electronics nerds. Hdbeat explains: Christie's Roadster S 16K projector is going to be used tonight at the Grammys. This is a 3-chip DLP beast that is capable of projecting a 16,000 ANSI lumen picture at 1400x1050. It has 10-bit video processing with a user selectable contrast ratio of 1600-2000:1 and sells for more then $50,000.

All that power, and they still couldn't make her look like she was wearing something that fitted.

Paul McCartney chose to do Helter Skelter (the second best Beatles song ever, of course) as part of his contribution to Big Music's big night out - Copy Cat Effect senses a KONSPIRACY: Singing Helter Skelter on February 8th is an intriguing choice, er, coincidence […] February 8, 1942, is the birthday of Terry Melcher […] Melcher became a peripheral figure in the notorious Charles Manson murder case, when it was determined that Terry had once rented the same house in which actress Sharon Tate and her friends were killed by Manson's followers. There was speculation at the time that Melcher, who knew Manson, was the real intended target because he had turned down Manson's request for a recording contract.

Hang on, though, there's more: February 8 is the death day of Frank Retz […] Retz was remembered as a colorful character by his neighbors, who said he boasted of being the stuntman atop the horse in the TV series, "Zorro," and of once physically assaulting Charles Manson, whom he caught trespassing on his property. Do you see? And the number plate on Abbey Road was 28 IF… 2/8 IF. And the Grammys took place on the eight of the second and, erm, if there's any significance I'm buggered if I can see it.

Before the Grammys, it was interesting that Keane had been nominated as best new act. Until ADV b-side mentioned them, we’d forgotten they'd slunk off quietly out the back door. Still, at least somebody remembered they were there - nobody seems to even recall who Coldplay are. Or were. Or do.

The J-Train sums up one of the key problems with the Grammys as a whole: I'm sorry, but you can either care about music or care about Mariah Carey. There is no middle ground.

Huezine would agree. In a post "8 Things Wrong With The Grammys", Hue just listed Mariah's 8 awards.
Back to the live Bloggers, and in one of those new media/old media fusions, The Chicago Tribune's Watcher blog lived up to its name: LL Cool J announced that blues legend Robert Johnson, who died in 1938, got a Grammy Lifetime Award. Well, better to get it decades after one dies than not at all, right? […]Who kidnapped Fergie from the Black Eye Peas and classed her up? With her taupe, floor-length column, her flowing, wavy hair and her subtle makeup, she looked, well, pretty. And sleek. And not as though several bad fashion trends were happening all over her body. This is unsettling, to say the least.

We're not sure if everyone was just being kind not mentioning how, well, odd, the whole Sly Stone performance was - Much Music at least noticed: Did Sly Stone actually do anything when he came on stage for the end of that 5 hour tribute performance? Is it still happening? I like how he just left and then all the artists kind of stood around dancing and humming for 2 more minutes.

The smartest summary of the Grammy's fear of the new, though, came from Talent In A Previous Life: The Grammys are so called because they reward musicians who your Grammy and Gramdad have heard of.