Monday, February 06, 2006


Okay, that's not so much of a great surprise, but a new book by Trevor Dann appears to have uncovered the nearest thing he left to a suicide note. Although it might not have been a suicide, but an accident.

It seems that a couple of days before Drake secured his place in the gllomy pop pantheon, he'd been soft-dumped by his sort-of-girlfriend Sophia Ryde; a note he'd written the day before his overdose was near his body.

Nevertheless, Ryde is convinced that Drake was only trying to self-medicate than self-eradicate:

Although Ryde has not divulged the singer's exact words, she is not convinced by the official version of how Drake died. "Sophia didn't think it was suicide, but more likely the tragic effect of taking too many of his pills which, although antidepressants, were also used to help him sleep," said Dann.

Don't say that, man: a heartbroken lonely suicide gives a romantic myth and extra album sales. Being a bit shit at keeping track of how many Panadol you've taken is just clumsiness - and while the fed up buy records to wallow with, there's not many sales selling to the clumsy.


Anonymous said...

Not sure if "clumsy" is a bad angle.

"Emotional, unstable and accident-prone" apparently describes the regular state of half the world according to the British Board of Boxing Control ( so it looks like this album could be a winner amongst the ladies.

So if every forgetful or clumsy person bought this album, the Nick Drake record company execs would be able to swan around in flash cars acting like complete t*ssers. Oh.

Proceeds should go to the Alzheimers and Parkinsons charities.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only person in the world who thinks that Nick Drake is an over-hyped mediocrity? There were dozens of people who sounded just like populating the folk clubs of the 60s, except most of them were rather better, but failed to die in a sort of romantic way. The only reason anyone had ever heard of him was because you used to flick passed his album in the racks and remember you had to buy some papers.....

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