Thursday, March 16, 2006


Salma HayekWe're not sure how Salam Hayek came to be directing the video for the new Prince single, although she does share qualities found in a lot of Prince collaborators. Salami, though, has her own theory. It's because she's brilliant:

"He took my direction so well. It was my concept, I came up with the idea. He just let me do it. I think I reminded him of himself - he's such a genius."

We can't tell if she means she thinks he thought "she's a genius, which is a lot like I am", or if she just thinks they're alike, and he's a genius. But to be fair, we can't decide if we hate this sort of preening more than we dislike false modesty.

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Tim F said...

They're similar because they both look good in skimpy underwear:

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