Wednesday, March 01, 2006


We're a little surprised at the chutzpah, but CBS are suing Howard Stern for "misappropriating millions of dollars".

It seems the radio arm of CBS is a little unhappy at the constant promotion he gave to Sirius in the time between him signing for the satelitte network and actually leaving theirs:

"By engaging in continuous promotion of Sirius on CBS Radio airtime without any payment by Sirius to CBS for these advertisements and by pocketing over $200m for his personal benefit, Stern misappropriated millions of dollars worth of CBS radio airtime."

The question CBS will have to answer, though, is why they continued to allow him to go on talking about Sirius - after all, if they were that upset, they could have just stopped him going on the air. Perhaps CBS should sue itself for having aided and abetted this misappropriation?