Tuesday, March 28, 2006


We've just (well, 6 hours ago) had this from Cait M:

Sting and David Bowie are hoping to collaborate on a new artistic venture. Band Aid it ain't. They are in talks with nightclub entrepreneur Ivan Kane about financing the expansion of a set of high-class American strip joints called Forty Deuce.

Sting, 54, we're told, is a huge fan of lapdancing - sorry, the burlesque art form - but asks the erotic performers to keep their clothes on when they do a turn for him. Is this man on a mission to educate women in the sex industry?

Does he make them put away their make-up and dance to Raaahck-sanne as well? I find the kit-on private dancing a teensy bit creepy, but it also makes me wonder whether there would be a new right-on etiquette if "burlesque clubs" were run by eco-warriors. Would girls have to wear biodegradable stockings?

t'was in the Telegraph. Of all places.

Blimey - it's also in female first, too. Roxanne, you don't have to put on a red dress, indeed.

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Oooh, i'm a stringer!

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