Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Poor perky Tim Burgess: knowing that death comes in threes, he started brown-bag breathing when two friends died:

"I was feeling death was following me quite a lot. And I did feel quite scared by it.

A really close friend of mine, who when I first met my girl in LA was the only person who thought it was a great thing, died while we were making this record. So did the bass player in a really great punk band I loved called The Leonards, Tom Paine. And he was only a year older than me.

So I felt that death was quite close around me. It started getting on top of me, really. I think... it's good, death. Death is not the worst thing that can happen."

That's Tim for you: seeing the upside in total cessation of breathing and all vital signs. It's not as bad as, ooh, running out of Golden Grahams or finding a spider in the shower.

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Anonymous said...

God how much do I love him...

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