Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Andrea and Christina from Lacuna CoilBullet for My Valentine's complaints about life on the road with Rob Zombie and Lacuna Coil did solve their problems - they were promptly kicked off the tour.

Now, Andrea Ferro has added bitch-slap to pink-slip. He says you shouldn't go on the internet and moan about people in public, as he, erm, goes on the internet and moans about people:

"It was something stupid on their behalf, especially the singer, who wrote on the Internet a lot of stuff which was not exactly correct, because we did many tours as an opening band in these kind of tours, and we know that when you are an opening band, you're not gonna have every day a soundcheck or every day a dressing room," Ferro explained. "We had to share the dressing room with them. They're very nice guys, actually; it's just that they're probably… You don't go on the Internet and call somebody 'money-grabbing fucks' [like Tuck did with Zombie]. . . When you open and you are the first out of three bands, many of the venues can't hold the dressing room for everybody, so it's normal that you sometimes have to sacrifice a litte bit. Probably they got some different kind of success in the U.K. in the beginning and they think that they paid their dues, but I believe that they still have to pay their dues, like everybody. So it was an unexperienced mistake. And we're sad for them, because they're very nice guys also — it's not that they were very bad guys — it was just a stupid thing. But I also understand Rob that he didn't have much of a choice. Why somebody goes like that to the Internet. Seeing how powerful the Internet is today . . . and everybody is ready to talk shit about you, you don't wanna have problems like from somebody that is working with you, that you gave them a chance to play sold-out shows every night all across the country. That was a stupid move. But I think they're really nice guys; they're a very good band. It's just a matter of unexperience, I believe."

Unexperience? Are you sure you don't mean disexperience, Andrea? Obviously, you wouldn't want to make a slip like that on the internet, not with how powerful "the Internet" is. Today.

Curiously, we notice that Andrea suggests its rude to call your tour hosts "money-grabbing fucks" but doesn't actually suggest that Zombie didn't make the band price-match his merchandise, or, indeed, that charging forty bucks for a tshirt isn't money-grabbing fuckery.