Friday, May 05, 2006


Noel Gallagher has a fear.

It's a common fear amongst men, as they get older.

He's worried about one day waking up and not being hairy any more.

He's scared of going bald:

Clint Boon“It’s a fear of any Mancunian. Our city was built on barnets.

“You can’t really say anybody’s come out of Manchester with a shit haircut.

Oh, no? Have you forgotten your time working with the Inspiral Carpets, Noel?

Specifically, Clint Boon?

Noel then goes on to complain about not appearing in some rich list or other:

“Did you see the rich list? I wasn’t in it for third year running. James Blunt has supposedly got nine million quid.

“Right. He’s only been going a year! I’ve been going 12.

“I’ve spent a lot on sweets but I should have more than nine million quid in the bank.”

Interestingly, this banging on about money and status is described by the Sun's Victoria Newton as being "a hilarious masterclass in how to be a rock star. " Oh, yes. Worrying about your position in some Sunday Times supplement run down of the rich and bragging about how much money you have - very rock and roll. It's like being alive in the times when The Who would end gigs by reading property prices from the local paper to the audience.

And what upsets Noel?

“I hate people moaning about being famous. It sends out the wrong messages to kids.

“Whingeing rock stars are the worst. Being a rock star is the greatest gig ever. It beats being a footballer because you get to do it for longer.”

... and without the need to actually do anything to prove you should be on the pitch, either, eh, Noel?


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