Wednesday, May 17, 2006


We'd have imagined that if you'd been living away from your partner for three weeks already, you'd have already been trialling seperation, but it seems Paul McCartney is hoping for a more formal version of things.

The Sun, of course, being a great supporter of traditional values and family, can barely contain its glee, reaching for the calculator:

If they do split up permanently Heather would stand to pick up around £200million of Sir Paul’s £800million fortune as the couple have no prenuptial agreement.

The four-year marriage has been stormy. Many of the ex-Beatle’s pals secretly suspected it would never last.

"many of the ex-Beatle's pals." The rest of the pals, of course, made no secret of it and drip-fed stories about thrown away rings and stand-up screeching rows to the papers since the engagement.