Monday, May 08, 2006


Jay Black, singer with Jay and The Americans, has got a massive unpaid tax bill hanging over him.

The current suggestion?

That he sells off his band name.

In other words: to make the IRS happy, Black would no longer be able to perform as a member of the band he was part of, but someone else could.

The 'someone else' in this case are the other members of the band, who want to reunite and would like to do so under the Americans banner; making things a little more complicated yet is that Jay Black was the second Jay in the group - he replaced Jay Traynor. That must have been an interesting ad - "Successful band seek singer; must be able to hit high notes, have own van, be called Jay."

The price on the name is apparently $100,000 - the sticking point is if Black could continue to work as Jay Black and the Americans.