Friday, June 09, 2006


It's been a while since luxury-car promoting environmentalist Sting has announced a self-regarding new project, but that doesn't mean he's been entirely slack.

Oh, no: He's been working on a Lute album.

Yes, yes, he's playing fourhundred-year-old music on a lute. What's your point?

The singer decided to record an album of Dowland's songs after receiving a lute as a gift from Dominic Miller, the Argentinian classical guitarist. "I sort of became fascinated with it, and immersed myself in the lute and lute music," he says. "Then we met this guy Edin Karamazov who is a Bosnian lute player and we started discussing Dowland, and the idea came up of recording some songs of his for an album. That kind of frivolous idea became a reality."

The very concept of someone thinking that pumping a few hundred thousand quid into making a lute album is "frivolity" makes our heads hurt a little.

[Thanks to Jim McCabe for the story and link]


Anonymous said...

My god! You'd think the little fucker would be content with patronising and annoying 21st century humanity without turning his attention to those who had the luck to die 400 years ago1

Matheus Guimaraes said...

Yeh, he can be annoying and so can the music but take away the voice and you are left with an instrument with such an entrancing sound that that will calm the sole.You can do more than you think with that instrument, you don't have to spend over a £1000 any more, jminstruments has quality lutes at half the average market price!

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