Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Plucky combination of brand-extension and half-assed bandwagon jump-aboard MyCokeMusic has accepted that it was flogging a dead horse and has shut up shop. It's rumoured that Apple had threatened to launch a drink called iCola if they didn't, but probably the fact that nobody had heard of the service and felt a bit weird buying music from a fizzy drink was more pressing.

Coke, of course, aren't admitting the whole thing was their third-biggest waste of cash, after trying to launch Dasani Tap Water in bottles in the UK, and New Coke. Oh, and the original version of Tab, of course:

"In 2004, the digital music scene was just developing and the only way for Coke to offer access to music downloads was to open our own store. That's not true today and there is no need for Coke to continue to run a store," said the statement.

That makes sense, except, of course, they were buying-in their services from Peter Gabriel's company, so they weren't running their own store and other ways of delivering music downloads were possible.

We're only sorry this means that we're unlikely to see Corona's Koola brand reborn as a DRM-free music provider.