Sunday, June 18, 2006


We're starting to get a little lost over Robbie Williams' sex life.

There he was last week moaning how he never got any, and now up pops Coralie Robinson - an MTV presenter, it appears. She claims that while he was supposedly dating Tara Palmer-Tomtomclub, he was actually playing Triv with her.

This is before Tara was supposedly helping James Blunt cheat on someone else, we think.

Anyway, the mere mention of Trivial Pursuit is enough to send the News of the World scampering to come up with puns:

Gorgeous Coralie Robinson played Trivial Pursuit with the cheating Robster before scoring in all sex categories with him.

And she says Robbie, whose stunt gondola farcically failed to float on stage in Dublin last week, had no trouble with his oar this time.

"He couldn't keep his hands off me after I scribbled him a note saying I didn't know any of the Trivial Pursuit answers but I knew one thing — that he was hot!

"When he finally got me into bed I hit the heights of ecstasy twice in quick succession. He was turning me on so much. He's such an experienced lover I just let him help himself."

We're not sure the "quick succession" bit is a sign of an experienced lover, actually, but let's let that pass. And those of you sitting at the back of the room - yes, you know who you are, snickering that "a woman in bed with Robbie might be the very definition of a trivial pursuit", you stop it.

"I had a tight waistcoat on with no bra. Robbie was fascinated by my boobs. He said they were the best in the world."

"He asked us if we'd go and play ‘quiz' with him in a hotel suite. He takes Trivial Pursuit very seriously and dishes out bits of paper for everyone to write their answers on. He was good on showbiz and sport."

Hang about a moment... why would you give people paper to write answers on? That's not how you play Trivial Pursuit. We wonder if she's got her board games confused and is actually talking Absolute Balderdash?