Thursday, June 22, 2006


So far, we've managed to get through the World Cup without having to mention the partners of the England team, despite them having a former Spice Girl and a former Girl Aloud amongst them. (Oh, maybe not former yet on the last one.) And because of the clunking nickname given to them - the WAGS. Apparently it stands for wives and girlfriends, although we thought it was a reference to the over-enthusiastic but essentially useless bit that hangs around a dog's arse.

Prior to England going to give the Swedes a lesson in what a team incapable of winning the World Cup really looks like, though, the partner's coach to the airport turned up late. As anyone who's ever flown knows, if you arrive late at the airport, you don't get out on time.

Victoria Beckham made a fuss. And a scene.

Although we do love this bit of the Sun's report:

Rio Ferdinand’s pregnant girlfriend Rebecca Ellison, 25, is believed to have been on board and Posh was said to be concerned for her health.

Apart from the question of why, if Ellison is so close to delivery that two hours in an airport make a differnce she was about to make another flight, (why, indeed, someone who's so close to delivery is making so many flights anyway), let's just relish that report's content - they're not sure Ellison was on board, and they're not sounding entirely firmly behind Beckham being worried about her health either.


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