Sunday, June 11, 2006


A Sunday selection from the place where wonky old VHS tapes go to die. This week, it's a dirty toe dipped into the world of musical parodies:

The Pet Shop Boys reworked by Spitting Image
Fan video pitching Fry and Laurie against The Prodigy
Pamela Stephenson-as-Kate Bush doing Oh England My Leotard on Not The 9 O'Clock News
Hi, I'm Ian Curtis and I love watching Rok TV...

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Anonymous said...

Everyone is blaming r kelly what about the girl it's not like she don't know right from wrong. She knew what he was doing if she didn't want it to happen she should have gotten up and walked out. He had no weapon what so ever to hold her hostage. Yes, he was wrong but how did the girl get in that situation and why is this information juat now out. Evidently she was not raped cause it would have came out sooner.

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