Friday, August 18, 2006


One of the redtops claimed a couple of weeks ago that - as part of his war on Heather - Paul McCartney had dropped attempts to save the ugly old lodge which they'd built illegally in an area of outstanding natural beauty. The claim was that Mills loved the ugly old erection, and out of spite, Macca was going to allow it to be pulled off the face of the earth.

Except, erm, McCartney has submitted a new application for retrospective planning consent and won the barn a stay of demolition.

Of course, if he really had been going to let them smash it down as a signal of a broken marriage, perhaps he intends to keep the eyesore, it's a sign of rapprochment...

Or maybe not. The Sun would never let them get back together - today it's running Mucca's topless again ('Mucca' being the nickname used by absolutely nobody outside Rebakkkah Wade's head); it's got a picture of her in a convertable. Topless, do you see?

And you'll never guess what she's done to cause trouble:

And she poked two fingers at the McCartneys by making sure she was seen in sunglasses designed by Sir Paul’s daughter Stella.

This act of aggression, though, was seen differently by the Mirror:

And just to show she has no hard feelings towards her estranged husband's family, the 38-year-old wore a pair of Stella McCartney's designer shades.

It is, indeed, hard to see how buying and wearing a pair of stupid and overpriced goggles is "sticking two fingers" at anyone. Apart, perhaps, from Foster Grant.

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail considers what the whole of Mills' post-split wardrobe tells us about her. In a clear indication that the paper hasn't yet decided what side it's coming down on, it hedges its bets with a mix of flattering and catty comparison:

I have to say that judging by the pictures on these pages of Heather Mills after her split from Paul, she very definitely falls into the camp of Teflon-coated women - Elle Macpherson and Tessa Jowell also spring to mind.

Well, at least it wasn't Kate Moss and Margaret Beckett.