Wednesday, August 30, 2006


You might think that people who are stupid enough to part with good money to watch Mariah Carey do some singing are the sort of don't notice when they're being ripped off. But it turns out even they can only be pushed so far. And ninety quid for a 75-minute set, a quarter of an hour of which was looking at an empty stage while Carey changed her frocks, is too far:

According to one concertgoer, "Mariah barely played for an hour. We are demanding a refund! Everyone in the audience was so mad. She cut songs out of the show and was just not into it at all."

Another miffed fan added, "I don't even think she was on for more than 45 minutes. I've never seen anyone suck as bad in concert and just not care."

Mind you, if the people of Uncasville, Connecticut felt ripped off, imagine how Prince Azim would have felt. Luckily, he chose the New York date to give her a necklace worth three million quid.